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cover image of the Christian Science textbook in 1901

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,
raise the dead, cast out devils:
 freely ye have received,
 freely give.
Matt. 10:8

cover image of the Christian Science textbook after 1901

Seal. The signet of error revealed by Truth. (p.593)

(R) the above "signet of error" 
has been privatized as a corporate seal shortly after 1918.
 It is now a registered commercial trademark
 owned by The Christian Science Board of Directors, the thereby
self-declared 'owners' of the Mother Church of Christ Scientist.


The upper book-cover image appeared on the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, until the end of the second major revision of the book. The upper image is a combination of three images that appear in Mary Baker Eddy's illustrated poem Christ and Christmas (first published in book form in 1893.) The image of the crown appears in the last painting in Christ and Christmas, and so does the image of the cross, while the rays of light surrounding the crown in the seal, are symbolic of the 56 rays of light surrounding the 7-pointed star on the book's front cover. The combination of these symbols formed the seal that Mary Baker Eddy placed on the cover of her textbook on Christian Science.

Contrary to the general usage of a seal, her seal did not signify what was achieved but summarized the challenge that she faced, as she defined the term: "Seal. The signet of error revealed by Truth." (p.593)

In her days she faced three major challenges. First, the foursquare structure that crown form Christ and Christmas represents, especially its deep link of the glossary linking into it, wasn't anywhere near to becoming recognized and understood. So, it remained a challenge, and remains so to the present day. 

Second, the light of Christian Science was not understood and the function of the star that serves as a sun. In the physical Universe every Sun is externally powered by the Universe, which then reflects this incoming power in the form of light and heat, enabling life to unfold in its solar system. In the spiritual sense, the power of the Universe is God that powers every star, that thereby emits light that illumines our science and civilization. This too, was far from understood.

Third, a cross dominates the symbol of the seal. It cuts through the center of the crown. This symbol, too, was not understood. The cross appears in the last painting in Christ and Christmas, called The Way. The light flowing through the crown paves the way for civilization. But there stands a cross in the way. The way of light is obstructed by the cross, and the obstruction causes a dark shadow in the foreground in the shape of a black gross. (Black signifies an absence of light.) This cross standing in the way is highlighted in the seal as the third great challenge that she faced, which likewise remains to the present say.

With the combination of the three challenges standing before here she found herself facing the new century. But then a shock hit the nation that changes its 'landscape,' and which also changed the landscape of Christian Science, bringing new and greater challenges to the foreground, and with them new errors to be faced and overcome. The shock came in the form of the Assassination of President McKinley in 1901. It probably was obvious then to her and many others that the assassination can not from a lone assassin, but from the heart of empire that had historically stood to destroy the American Republic as soon as it was founded. The assassination of McKinly was seen by those who had eyes to see, that it was an attack on the nation by the masters of empire. Meaning probably to her too, evidently, that the Christian Science was under attack from this day on.

The resulting deep shakeup had likely sparked the major revision of her textbook to better meet the oncoming crisis. From this background the new seal emerged, signifying the nature of the greater errors that challenged the survival of civilization if they were not met. The greater errors now dominated the seal. The force of empire that stood "in the way" thinly in the first seal, suddenly was seen as a monster challenge that now dominates the entire seal. The rays of light are no more to be seen in the seal. The scene has become as dark as night. And the crown, that in the first seal represented the challenge of society's lack of scientific perception, has become a tiny royal crown, the crown of masters of empire. It no longer promises freedom, but imperial domination. While the crown features five 7-pointed stars, the stars are dead stars, emitting no light. Wherever empire rules, God is pushed out of sight. Empire wears a crown of dead stars, expropriated symbols that exist only the mythology of empire. In the real Universe, there are no dead stars, no collapsed stars, no black holes, and so on. The exists only as science mythology, and one finds them only on the crown of empire.

This lifeless symbol of immense challenges, this seal of the errors of the modern world, is the seal that Mary Baker Eddy has but onto the cover of her textbook in the years after the opening shot was fired in the attack of empire on the American Republic and all that it represents. As she may have feared, Christian Science was spared from the attack. The mentality of empire became the dominant mentality, just as the seal is symbolizing. Instead of fighting the rising wave of the errors inherent in empire, the masters of Christian Science became subservient to them. In the years after Mary Baker Eddy's death, a great fight apparently broke out as to who would rule the church empire, and how. In the ensuing struggle the second seal became privatized and turned into a registered commercial trademark owned by the then ruling masters of Christian Science, whoever they were at the time shortly after 1918. They took the seal that God had given, and privatized it, and without them seeing it is as "the signet of error revealed by Truth," they took the signet of error an made it their patented identity, and said by this act of privatization: This is Christian Science.

The signet of error now dominates the Christian Science landscape, not to symbolize a challenge to be met, but in the form of error standing as the identity of the church and its worldwide membership. At this point The Mother Church was functionally dead. It had committed suicide. The privatized signet of error that has become its patented identity stands today as its self-erected tomb stone. Indeed, The Mother Church is on the fast track to oblivion. Evermore branch churches are closing their doors, the memberships are dwindling. But is Christian Science itself doomed on this course? No, it isn't. Only the church itself is affected by its folly. Christian Science remains what it always has been, a gift of God; and the church that is designed to represent it, can be healed.

How can the church be healed?

Mary Baker Eddy gives us a hint. The dead stars in the crown of empire are 7-pointed stars. The symbol of the 7-pointed star was put prominently into the foreground with the revised edition of the textbook published in 1902. What empire usurped, and thereby killed, is really a profound idea. The 7-pointed star is something that is deeply fundamental to Christian Science. However, it wasn't until after the 1902 revised addition that the question was settled that the identity of God is defined by exactly seven synonymous terms: divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind, and not one more and not one less. This was one of the points that had been left in the gray area by Mary Baker Eddy, even till as late as 1901, where she had listed three additional capitalized terms with the synonyms for God. 

One of the additional terms for God, was "Being." - "supreme incorporeal Being," as she had puts in the chapter, Recapitulation, under the question, "What is God?" This additional term appears to have clouded the issue of what God is. It appears that Mary Baker Eddy had struggled with it. But this struggled ended. The term Being, as a synonym, was likely removed with the revision that appeared in 1902. The capitalized form of "Being" remains in the textbook, but it now appears as a summary term under the question, "Is there more than one God of Principle?"

She had answered in 1901, that there is not. "Principle is Divine, one Life, one Truth, one Love, and this is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent." The same sentence now reads, "Principle and its idea is one, and this one is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Being, and His reflection is man and the universe." Thus the term Being is evidently not another specific characteristic, described in synonymous terms, but is a summary type qualitative characteristic that is reflected in all of the synonyms for God. Thus, only seven synonyms remained in the textbook from 1902 on.

The two other additional terms that had appeared till 1901, appeared in the Glossary definition for the term God, where the terms "Substance" and "Intelligence" appeared in capitalized form, for a total of nine synonyms being listed there. The capitalization has been removed, obviously to indicate that all of the synonyms are of substance, and all are the product of intelligence, so that when one speaks of God as Intelligence, all synonymous aspects are included. The same can also be said for God as Substance. The qualifier thereby applies to every aspect of God. And so, here again, only seven synonyms remained from 1902 onward. 

That Mary Baker Eddy has worked long and hard in clarifying the synonyms for God is evident my the distance she traversed since the early days. For example, in the 1884 glossary (9th edition), she had capitalized in the definition for God, the terms "All-knowing, All-seeing, All-acting, All-loving, All-wise..." This capitalization was removed before we got into 1901. Thus, when the revised edition was published in 1902, a major milestone was set. A phase change had occurred in the Christian Science perception of the nature of God, all centered on the seven synonyms.

By putting the seven-pointed star onto the crown of empire as a dead star, she is warning the world that her greatest achievement, the seven synonyms for God, will become lost as a dead star when it remains on the crown of empire where it emits no light. To date, this rescue has not happened.

Another aspect of tragedy that has been carried forward into to modern signet of error, the modern seal, which has become highlighted by her, is the factor 5. There are 5 stars in the crown. In Christ and Christmas the factor 5 was not prominently apparent in the design of the crown, though it was there. But now it is a big factor. It grabs ones attention. The error it signifies is still the same, a lack of dynamism in scientific perception, but the lack has now become acute.

 It is as if she said: look people, this is critical. The factor 5 when seen scientifically represent the 5 types of dual definitions that I have incorporated into the glossary of the textbook, whereby the glossary resolves into a structure of 144 elements according to the measure of the city foursquare as stated in Revelation 21:17. A complex of 144 definitions is also the exact amount needed to apply 9 glossary definitions to each element of the foursquare structure. Without your recognition of the 5 types of dual definitions incorporated into the glossary - which all have their own significant story to tell - the entire process doesn't work, and the stories simply won't be told. In this void empire will reign unhindered.

Evidently, the stories that are told by the 5 unique types of dual definitions, are of such critical importance that the factor 5 had to be highlighted in the second signet of error as a critical aspect of Christian Science that is not being taken seriously, but needs to be.

Obviously, the privateers of the second signet of error had not the faintest idea what the symbolism represents that they had registered as their patented identity. The same can be said of the branch churches that have licensed the right to attach their identity to this signet of error, by paying a license fee. Such a pursuit obviously doesn't heal anything. Nor is the second seal likely intended to remain on the books forever. Once the errors are corrected that it is a signet of, the symbol will become obsolete. In this case the earlier symbol will come into the foreground again until the lack of scientific recognition is resolved that it symbolizes as a signet of error. If fact, in the modern world the first symbol is more needed. It needs to be considered daily as a reminder to get us going to build up the science, that it says we still lack as a fundamental error. Once its challenge is taken up seriously, we will find ourselves better equipped to heal the grosser errors that are spelled out in the second signet of error that has already grown so huge that is has become the patented trademark of the greatest error ever made.

The privatization of the amplified signet of error as the patented identity of Christian Science, which occurred shortly after 1918, might one day be called the greatest folly in modern history, and for the simple reason that it spearheaded the still ongoing tragedy that is indeed poised to become the greatest tragedy of all times. 

The greatest folly in modern history, 
spearheading the greatest tragedy of all times? 

No, I am not exaggerating. The tragedy is unfolding. It is huge. And it began essentially when the privatization struggle began. Of course, the Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, didn't pioneer this tragedy. It was merely one the first to be dragged into it by countless subversive means. The most powerful institution for the advance of civilization is evidently among the first priority items to be attacked by the growing wave of empire.

In 1918 the landscape was still clean and open. Her books were still published by the Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker G. Eddy (after her death on December 10, 1910). Shortly after 1918, the trustees privatized the book cover image as a commercial trademark registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Shortly thereafter, probably in 1919 both the 1902 book-cover image and Mary Baker Eddy's signatures were privatized together as registered commercial trademarks, owned by the trustees. The ownership was later transferred to the Christian Science Board of Directors that continues to hold these symbols as their property.

Why does this represent a tragedy?

The tragedy is linked to what the symbols represent. Mary Baker Eddy stated clearly from the very beginning that Christian Science comes from God. She states in the textbook, under the heading, "Christian Science discovered," saying, "In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science. God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing." It is precisely that, which has been attacked by privatizing the symbol that represents this divine gift to mankind. 

Since one evidently cannot claim as private property, what is to its very core a gift from God to mankind, the act of privatization assumes that this divine factor does not really exist, so that everything that Mary Baker Eddy has created is nothing more than the intellectual product of a creative 'artist' that one can own, inherit, and sell to others in the form of a license. On this road to privatization God has been intentionally disowned. God's gift to mankind has been intentionally reduced to a commercial product. The hidden declaration that stands behind this gross mental malpractice, which states arrogantly that God does not really exist; states that God has literally "disappeared in the atheism of matter."

The privatization of Mary Baker Eddy's signature as a commercial trademark symbol says to mankind: you fools, how could you believe that anything this woman has created is anything more than just another marketable intellectual product? 

Such a statement of hidden mental malpractice puts God further and further out of sight, and robs Mary Baker Eddy of all that she stood for. It represents nothing less than the most supreme form of mental malpractice ever devised, both against God, against Mary Baker Eddy, and against the Mother Church as an idea, and also against mankind as a whole. If one was tasked with finding an effective way to destroy Christian Science movement from the inside, one would have to do this by privatizing the most deeply representative core element, thereby quite literally evicting God from its central place in it. If one was to do this, all Christian Science practice would soon collapse; its healing effect would cease; and its churches would become empty club houses that no longer meet the human need, which would then close their doors for good. If one evicts God from its central position in Christian Science, in order that the residue can become a commercial product, what then has one got left? Not much to be sure. And this is what describes our privatized world today - a world from which God has been evicted.

With the act of the privatization of Mary Baker Eddy, the verse of Revelation 12:5 has been turned upside down. Mary Baker Eddy highlighted this verse in Christ and Christmas, in the painting Seeking and Finding, in the time of the clock, indicating 5 after 12. 

The verse of Revelation 12:5 speaks of a woman clothed with sun, who brought forth a child before the face of the dragon, and her child was caught up unto God. In today's world the dragon did have its feast. Nothing much remains of what she has created, except an empty shell. One day this process might be reversed and the ending that John the Revelator saw will become established, but for now Christian Science is joke in the eyes of society, with claims about intermixed with denials of God, a house of failure, a trap, and a house divided against itself.

It might also be that Christian Science will vanish under the weight of its own mental malpractice against itself. Most likely, however, Christian Science will be spared its self-made doom. It will likely be spared by the general recovery of civilization by which the entire privatization mania is demanded to vanish from the face of the earth. Mankind cannot survive without this recovery. Christian Science could be poised to spearhead the recovery. It could do this by first cleansing itself of its deadly mental malpractice, and then by helping the world along. It could do this as effectively as it has spearheaded the collapse of civilization on the opposite track, the track to hell.

It might also be that its first signet of error becomes taken seriously, so that its dormant scientific potential becomes realized, and the in the flow of it the world becomes uplifted before its civilization disintegrates completely. Thus, the task before us, to go back to the first signet of error, and the develop the healing platform for all the subsequent errors that Mary Baker Eddy recognized must be faced, becomes an extremely urgent task. The world has need of Christian Science, and it developed to its full potential, with God put back into the center. We might get to this point faster than we may think once the first steps are taken. In this case the verse of Revelation 12:5 that speaks of a woman clothed with sun, who brought forth a child before the face of the dragon, will end as John the Revelator had foreseen the ending, as her child (mankind and civilization) was caught up unto God.

Failing that, tragedy awaits mankind on many fronts simultaneously, which have already become too tragic to contemplate, as are briefly listed below, which are all tragedies caused by the forces of empire and the folly of those who have latched themselves onto the system of empire that stands in the way of civilization, and become its masters' servants. Empire is not a nation, a government, etc., but is an organized gang of thieves, of hidden faces working in secrecy, typically financier oriented, whose goal it is to control as much of the world as possible in order to privatize its resources, not to create a richer world for the people living in them, but to loot them. Their seat has been in various places of the world over the ages, such as Persia, Delphi, Athens, Egypt, Rome, Venice, London, just to name a few places. Vast areas have been subdued from these centers, and countless wars been fought for imperial looting objectives, including the Thirty Years War, the Seven Years War, the horror of the World Wars, and the numerous endless wars that are destroying the world today in countless different ways. The driving force is always empire, the goal looting, and the pathway the privatization of resources.

To date the forces of empire have never really been defeated. Historically empires collapse when their looting practice has collapsed they economies empires are feeding on. The collapse process leaves in its wake horrific dark ages, like the Dark Age of the 14th Century in Europe in which a third of population of Europe perished. The Golden Renaissance emerged from that as over the course of a century the nations recovered and rebuild their lives, until the round of destruction started anew, this time driven by the Venetian Empire, culminating into the Thirty Years War. It was Nicolas of Cusa, one of the Renaissance pioneers, who suggested that the empire mentality is so deeply entrenched in Europe that nations will never be free from empire and its subjugation and looting, who therefore suggested that a new society should be established on distant shores, from from the masters of empire, in order to pioneer a normally developing society build on humanist principles. Nicolas of Cusa never saw the realization of his dream, but it did come about following the colonization of New England on the American continent.

With the colonization the best of European culture was brought to America, with a focus on science, education, and a respect for the general welfare of society, which later became the cornerstone in the U.S. Constitution. The system of general education that was developed in New England area in those days was so efficient that the American farmers were called in the early days, the "Latin farmers." Mary Baker Eddy grew up in a time when this mental background in which the truth actually meant something, was still highly developed. It was evidently this background of a respect for truth, humanity, and science, that laid the foundation for Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of Christian Science.

Mary Baker Eddy was not an uneducated fool which religiously tracked mind as some may aver. When President McKinley was assassinated, she sensed that a phase change had begun that threatened not only the American nation, but also Christian Science that had been built on a high standard of respect for truth. From her educational background she understood that that the shot that was fired did not come a lone deranged anarchist, but represented the outcome of the long arm of empire reaching across the ocean to re-capture America, as it had been attempted previously with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the earlier 'assassination' of Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the American System of economics that had defied the objectives of empire.

She evidently also knew what the force of empire is and how it operates, especially how it turns truth upside down with lies, sabotages science with irrational 'enlightenment,' and takes the best of culture and perverts it until it becomes a tool to serve its end. This is the great obstruction of civilization that became symbolized by the enormous cross that dominates the modern seal that she had identified herself with, the great signet of error revealed by a deep understand of the truth, spiritually, scientifically, and historically. With this seal, the great signet of error, she identified herself as a patriot and fighter for the freedom of mankind. The Christian Science Monitor was established against this background and under this seal, and with a commitment to work until this error is corrected. This goal remains yet to be reached. In fact it is now further distant than it had ever been. Empire now runs the world. Its endless war is fast destroying the planet, looting the nations to the breaking point, wrecking the world's economies, choking science and perverting it to serve the lies needed for looting. We are nearing the point of a gross discontinuity and a general worldwide physical and political collapse, which is itself the objective of empire in its quest to assure an easily dominated global 'landscape.' By their own saying, the masters of empire want the world population reduced to less than two billion people living on this planet, and they are promoting the policies to achieve that, such as the diversion of food resources to distill motor fuels, together with countless other such measures that produce poverty.

The world is today far deeper dragged into the sewer of empire than Mary Baker Eddy could possibly have imagined as possible as the technologies towards this end did not exist in her time. But she sensed the phase shift. She saw the darkness spreading across the world. In the shadow this rising darkness she placed one last definition in the glossary of the textbook, probably in 1906, which is the definition for the term, night: "Night: Darkness; doubt; fear." She had no idea how deeply dark this night could become. Here is where we stand today in the totally bankrupted, privatized, imperialized world, teetering at the precipice in many arenas, facing:

The worldwide economic collapse.

The horrific housing collapse.

The absolutely brutal food-production collapse.

The healthcare collapse.

The energy collapse.

The science collapse.

The so-called "depleted uranium" radioactive pollution of the world.

The rise of universal fascism.

The near potential for a new Ice Age.

Some of these threats, which are already huge in consequences. Some are poised to become so enormous in the near term, that if they are allowed to play themselves out to their final conclusion, will likely destroy the life of billions of people, if not mankind altogether. Over the months to come I will address the above stated threats in a more detailed fashion, including the scientific, spiritual foundation for healing these threats on the basis of Christian Science.

Mary Baker Eddy stated already a long time ago in her textbook:

Those who cannot demonstrate, at least in part, the divine Principle of the teachings and practice of our Master have no part in God. If living in disobedience to Him, we ought to feel no security, although God is good. (p.19)

The obvious answer is to bring God back into the human realm, as universal divine Love, Truth, and Soul, reflected all aspects of human living, including into the practice of Christian Science where God has been officially banished from in the orgies of privatization. Thus, her first seal, her first fundamental signet of the errors to be challenged, still stands paramount for us today.

Here is a brief exploration of the vast expanse of what is involved in facing the fundamental errors of a too shallow perception of Mary Baker Eddy and her science, which largely remains hidden, even today.

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