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Do I represent the Christian Science field?
 by Rolf Witzsche


I have been asked in recent times by a concerned individual to indicate that the research presented on this site does not reflect the general perception in the field of Christian Science. 

The current evidence appears to support the requestor's claim. The question that I must ask myself in answering, is whether the evidence reflects the truth about the nature of man in the image of God.

If we look at ourselves in the context of the universal history of humanity, we find periods of grand achievements with vast breakthroughs in scientific and humanist perceptions. We also find that these are followed by periods of terrible regressions into a virtual hell, like during the dark ages, or during the Thirty Years War in which half of the population of Europe was wiped out, which had been launched to destroy the Golden Renaissance.

We need to ask ourselves how it was possible for humanity to fall from grace so rapidly and so deeply as we saw it in the decline from the Christ period into the dark ages, or from the Golden Renaissance into a continent wide war that became the most horrible military insanity prior to the 20th Century. The obvious answer is that humanity allowed itself to become boxed-in, into an environment of small-minded thinking. The historic evidence is clear on this point. The 15th Century Renaissance was built on the rediscovered truth of the divinity of man, man in the image of God, which was torn down by a carefully orchestrated degradation of that image of man onto a sub-human level that defined man as intrinsically weak and evil. The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and Hugo Grotius, for example, brought to bear this small-minded ideology onto the perception of society. The mentality became so 'small' that it became a treasonous offense to even suggest that love should be a principle reflected in the affairs of state and business. People could be executed for that suggestion, and they probably were executed for it.

We can see a similar pattern in modern times, reflected in the history of the United States of America. The idea behind the founding in America, of the first true nation-state republic on this planet, was based on the principles developed during the Renaissance, the principles of the common good, of universal sovereignty and universal love, the kind of principles that had furnished the foundation for the Treaty of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War in 1648. These principles, which were further developed in Europe by the leading edge thinkers of the time, became the founding principles of the USA. These principles have been the guiding principles in all of the bright periods in the development of the USA as a nation. They are reflected in many of its leading edge developments, one of which is the discovery of Christian Science and its founding, by Mary Baker Eddy.

Mary Baker Eddy called herself a pioneer, and she remains that to the present day. Her achievements, especially in healing, still stand as an inspiration for us that we have yet to emulate in our own life.

One of the healings that I find most remarkable, is that of a woman who knew nothing about Christian Science, nor had ever heard of Mary Baker Eddy before. She had come to hear Mary Baker Eddy address a crowd of people, but couldn't hear a word of what was said for being too far in the rear of the crowd.  She was healed instantly that day, of a long standing partial paralysis (more about that healing). On the way back into town she saw Mary Baker Eddy drive by in her carriage and looking at her while she drove by. In that look the woman saw a love, unlike any she had ever experienced. That love had healed her on the very spot. 

But who can match that? I can't. Obviously such a love is not derived from small-minded thinking. It is evidently a love that universally embraces all.

I have to recognize for my self-dense that small-minded thinking isn't a condition of the human intellect, no matter how widely this smallness in thinking is currently being practiced. For countless centuries the earth had been believed to be flat. This small-minded perception was embraced by everyone,  and this for many centuries, but none of that altered the truth. Neither can today's small-minded thinking alter the truth about the unity of God and man and the unity of all mankind that reflects the basic truth.

Yes, the greatest evil in the world appears not to be disease, poverty, greed, war, terrorism, theft, murder, etc., but small-minded thinking, which all of these evils listed here are actually the result of. Small minded thinking covers almost the whole of humanity today, like a thick gray blanket or dense fog that smothers our humanity. Christian Scientists are not immune to this near universal phenomenon. The evidence is obvious. During the years of Mary Baker Eddy's work for humanity, very little damage was done to humanity as a whole. But after her passing in Dec. 1910, all hell broke loose. We have seen three world-engulfing wars after her death, with the last one still in progress. By this dramatic change in universal history, her healing influence on the world is well established, that wasn't continued. 

But why wasn't it continued? It could have been continued. She illustrated that the potential did and does exist.

A partial answer to that question may be found in the suggestion from some people in the field, that what I present, is something that is not acknowledged in the field universally. I was told in essence: "Why do you bother even to think? Christian Science is simple. Anyone with a clean heart can demonstrate it, even a child can. There is no need for intellectual reasoning." 

Indeed, it is true that a child can demonstrate Christian Science. It is also true that any preschool child can understand that two plus two equals four, and utilize that understanding. It is also true that this level of understanding is woefully inadequate to calculate a space flight trajectory to mars, or to create a machine tool industry that supplies the tools for the industries which provides us with the necessities for physical existence.

Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated that it is possible to step beyond the simplistic elements of Christian Science, and to uplift the entire world to such a level that peace is maintained and becomes ultimately inevitable; or that a profound healing can be effected by nothing more than an embrace of one another in universal love. Unfortunately, we are not at this point yet, in in our self-development.

Let us take a look at where we are, in terms of universal love. The highest universal concept that the American society had once embraced during the brightest periods of its past, may be that which is reflected in the universal national song: God bless America! 

In modern time we have regressed from that. Most people couldn't care less about America anymore, or any notion of the general welfare principle that the American republic was founded on. Most people's concerns end at the front door of their family home, defined by the smallest sense of a marriage of human beings. Modern society has become more and more marked by the disease of 'stealing' from one another in order to feed that tiny sphere in which people have become boxed in by small-minded thinking. Even on the larger scale, America has become more and more a looting empire that is draining the resources of the world into itself, like the Roman Empire had once been. I am talking in very broad terms, here. The details, of course, are much more complex. Still, the trend is undeniable.

We are certainly miles away from singing, "God bless Humanity," and from being embarked on a process to transform the present global looting practice into a commitment to uplift the world economically through universal economic development, industrialization, energy development, water development, transportation and housing development, development of food resources, healthcare, education, culture, and so on. This is the song that we should sing.

The song that we do sing is quite different. It goes to the tune of death-threats great or small, and the tune of "Mutually Assured Destruction" that we say we sing for our self-defense. Oh, how far have drifted away from the love that heals a paralyzed person with a single look and a single embrace!

Mary Baker Eddy has provided us with a vast pedagogical structure that is evidently designed to bridge the gap between the little love that is still being demonstrated in the Christian Science field today, and the potential of of divine Love that Mary Baker Eddy has demonstrated as attainable in universal terms. It is not surprising, therefore, that Mary Baker Eddy has set up a development stream in her pedagogical structure, that is designed to establish a greater awareness of the universal marriage of humanity to one another as the reality of our being, all 'sharing' one divine Soul that is reflected in man according to the universal nature of divine Principle and divine Love that embraces the whole of humanity.

While society vehemently rejects this reality, Christian Scientists included, it is one of the cornerstones in Christian Science. Since society has still a long way to go to embrace this reality, it comes as no surprise to me that the development of this truth has been given a prominent exposure in Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure. 

I find it likewise not surprising that this pedagogical structure also contains development streams focused on sex. Sex is an element of our humanity by which the whole of humanity is presently divided, based on a sense of the universal incompleteness of the human being. The scientific fact, however, is that the divine idea, man, is not incomplete, to be made complete by external processes. Man is a complete divine idea that contains ALL right ideas, though individual in form. The human concept of sex needs to be uplifted to embrace the divine completeness that is reflected in our humanity universally, that contains both the male and female elements of the fatherhood and motherhood of God. 

The oneness and completeness of God, reflected in mankind, defines the reality of our being in a universal marriage that envelops all humanity in divine Love, and with a universal sex that represents completeness. These are far-reaching scientific concepts that no one but Mary Baker Eddy would even dare put onto the table. Nevertheless, these two concepts are essential for the survival of civilization that is presently threatened by countless corrupting ideologies that conjure up division and human incompleteness and destroy the divine image of man. (more on Universal Marriage and Universal Sex)

So, what do we see about sex in the world? What is our reaction? Instead of uplifting the concept of sex into the sphere of truth, the sphere of the universal completeness of man, the notion of incompleteness is being amplified in every arena of small-minded thinking by which the divine image of man is dragged into the sewer of ravishing abuses and lustful exploitation of one another. We see this sexually, economically, culturally, and politically. A great deal of scientific and spiritual development is needed in this sphere, especially in the sexual sphere, to get us out of that mess, which very few people are willing to accept. 

I have been told that I stand alone in this regard, that the Christian Science field has no interest in touching the subject in any serious manner. This may be so, and it may not be so. Ultimately there is no such thing as a Christian Science field. It has always been May Baker Eddy's standpoint that ultimately, "Christendom" (humanity) "will be classified as Christian Scientists." The science of being is not a religion. Nor is the security and advance of civilization a group issue. These are universal human issues that Mary Baker Eddy enabled humanity to uplift with her discovery of Christian Science and with her pedagogical structures that she evidently created for this purpose. With this universality of Christian Science in mind, I have written a series of five novels on the above mentioned theme of universal love, universal marriage, and yes, universal sex, to cut through our small-minded thinking and to explore that vast dimension. The overall title of the series is: "The Lodging for the Rose."

So, regardless of what some people may think, or I may think, it is evident that the subject of the completeness and universality of sex and marriage has been regarded as an essential one by Mary Baker Eddy to be pursued, and for good reason. The sense of the incompleteness of man and individual isolation, that the sexual division involves, has very ancient roots which also may have been the foundation for all the other evils that have plagued humanity throughout history.

One of the more alert of the modern writers and thinkers, J.R.R. Tolkien, one who grew up during the end period of Mary Baker Eddy healing influence, has created a profound saga that is totally centered on the need for dealing with an anciently developed evil. Tolkien deals with what may be defined as the sum total of all evil based on small-minded thinking that has corrupted the thinking of society throughout history. He suggests that this totality of evil must be taken back to the very founding of it, to the key concept as it were, by which alone the train of evils can be stopped.

In the universal history of mankind, the philosopher Aristotle represents that ancient evil. Tolkien's name for it is, Sauron, which has a root in the German language that simply means: mother of pigs. A sau is the mother of pigs. Aristotle stands out in the history of humanity in that manner, as the chief architect of the ideology that man is incomplete. He defines a humanity that is divided into sub-human beings (the natural slave) and super-human beings (the natural masters) that he based his "natural slavery" ideology on. This debased notion was later advanced by numerous disciples in a regressive trend that gave the world the infamous beast-man ideology of Friedrich Nietzsche that became the Nazi ideology of Hitler, and which also supported (and still does) the nuclear terror based world-empire quest in modern days.

Tolkien suggests in his saga, The Lord of the Rings, that the beast-men evil cannot be resolved in isolation, that it can only be resolved if one takes the entire ring of corruption back to is source (more on the subject of the ring). In scientific terms, what Tolkien suggests takes up back to the notion of the incompleteness of man that is thoroughly represented by the notion of sex in terms of sexual division. That notion of division, based on a perceived incompleteness, was apparently recognized by Mary Baker Eddy as one of the most critical issues that the human society is facing, because she focused on that subject twice in her pedagogical structure, each time in a separate development stream, although those streams are functionally interlocked. But are we dealing with this issue at all, which May Baker Eddy found so important that she focused on it twice? I would say that we haven't even begun, not even at this critical stage in historic terms that we are at right now.

It is evident that the human journey has come to a turning point, where we are literally forced to take the whole mass of today's evil back to the key concept where it was born, in order to bury it there so that we can be free to go on in the right direction. That necessity is born out by the fact that the ages old development of evil cannot be allowed to continue. It must be stopped, because the human consequence have become increasingly unbearable, to the point that any increase can no longer be born.

The first humungous war that came out of the cacophony of this evil was the Thirty Years War. A few million people perished, but society recovered. The next stage was worse. The second imperial war against the Renaissance ideal was orchestrated by means of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars afterwards that were focused on the destruction of the humanist scientific elite and the establishment of the first modern fascist empire on the planet. Humanity has not recovered from this defeat. Although Napoleon is dead, fascism still thrives.

World War I was worse. It grew out of this fascism, but unfolded on a larger scale, More than fifty million people perished in the course of this war and in the great epidemic that arose from the economic destruction that the war had caused. The cultural loss to humanity suffered was so great that we still feel the consequences.

The destruction of World War II was even greater. It lowered the threshold of inhumanity one again to a far lower level than had anything we have ever seen before. We have developed a weapon during the course of that beast-men war, that can destroy an entire city in the wink of an eye. We have even kept the war going until these weapons were ready, so that we could use them, as historians suggest. We had built four of these devices for mass destruction, in those days. We had tested one and deployed two. With these two we have killed a quarter of a million people, many in the most horrible fashion imaginable. But that too, was not enough, so it seems.

We have built over forty-thousand more of these 'weapons', with some among them that are ten-thousand times more powerful than the first one was, that had destroyed an entire city in a single blow. In the early stages of building those bigger bombs, we had tested one that was merely three-hundred times a powerful as the Hiroshima bomb had been. That relatively small bomb had vaporized eighty-million tons of earth and hurled it high into the stratosphere from where it was dispersed over a wide area. But we didn't stop there either. 

A more modern bomb of up to eight to ten times of that size, if used, will instantly kill anyone within a thirty-five kilometer radius and spontaneously ignite the clothing on people up to seventy kilometers away. Very few people will survive such a blast within a two-hundred kilometer radius. Those who do manage to survive the expanding pressure waves, the immense heat, and the supersonic winds, will find themselves in a wasteland of destruction and utter darkness, where no help can reach them for days or weeks. This is the platform that we have created for one another to defend our division. And the chorus is getting louder of those countless many who are crying to use these 'weapons' in a world-conflict, that according to all evidence we cannot survive.

Surprisingly, nobody really cares. World War I could have been prevented, but it wasn't, because society's small minded attitude offered no meaningful opposition. Likewise World-War II, wasn't inevitable. It could have been prevented. But it happened. When Hitler reached for power, he could have been stopped. He wasn't. He was aided instead. 

In today's world of ever widening conflict, the nuclear 'weapon' has been taken out of the strategic strong box as a weapon of last resort, and has been put on the shelf for preemptive imperial adventures with unforeseeable consequences. And here again, the attitude of society remains the same. 

The only change that I can see, is that people care less. The sphere of their self-confinement has become smaller than ever before, so small that it rarely extends beyond their skin.  The principles of the general welfare, universal love, universal sovereignty, etc. are being laughed at today.

In this gruesome world, Mary Baker Eddy stands as lone pioneer with her pedagogical structure that has not yet even been acknowledged in the Christian Science field to exist. Nevertheless people do gradually become aware that the turning point that has been thrust upon us, must become a turning point for good. It is my hope, therefore, that Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures will aid humanity in taking the right turn at the turning point that we now face out of necessity. This turning point could take us towards a world in which the cycles of evil are prevented from repeating themselves, in which they are 'arrested' and taken back to their source and buried there.

While the present evidence suggests, as has been pointed out to me, that the field of Christian Science is far from assuming the leading role that it has the tools at hand to take, that is necessary for the survival of civilization, this does not mean that today's small-minded thinking will continue for ever. It can be shattered tomorrow, by which the normal course for human development, scientifically, morally, spiritually, socially, and civilly, is being resumed.

Rolf Witzsche